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ART IN THE AFTERNOON is a monthly artist talk / workshop usually held on the 3rd Sunday of each month. This series focuses on introducing local artists to the Iowa City community. Support these local artists by following them on their websites and social media pages.

Chucho Loria

architectural sketching
Presentation: July 19, 2020
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Local architect Jesus Chucho Loria gives a presentation about architectural drawing and sketching, overviewing its history with examples from the past through modern digital sketching.  He was born in Mexico and educated at Yucatan Autonomous University. “I’m convinced my family had never heard the word ‘architecture’ before I took an interest,” he has said. “A bit later in life, however, I learned that my great grandfather attended engineering classes at the state university – I cherish the memory of my grandma showing me the wooden box that housed his brass drafting instruments from his student days.” Mr. Loria also serves on the Board of Arts Iowa City. Watch the video.

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