The Colors of the Prairie: A Natural Dye Workshop

Here’s a great local opportunity for you to work with natural dyes and Kathy Hattori, president of Botanical Colors, a natural dye company based in Seattle, Washington.


The Colors of the Prairie: A Natural Dye Workshop

Scattergood Friends School July 22, 23 and 24 West Branch, Iowa Instructor: Kathy Hattori,  Botanical Colors.

Join us in historic West Branch, Iowa for a three day dive into natural dyes to create fabrics that evoke a sense of place: the great American prairie.  For more information, click HERE.


Colors of the Prairie Dye Class

We gathered plants from the Scattergood Prairie to print and dye with..and my-oh-my we had fun. And because we could, we also had an indigo vat (or three) going.


The yellow fabric was made from St. John’s Wort and the Orange is from Coreopsis. Really! The folks in the upper center photo are stirring the organic indigo vat starter.

Colors of The Prairie Dye Workshop

The ArtiFactory, Botanical Colors and Scattergood Friends School have teamed up to bring this fantastic workshop to Iowa.
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The Colors of the Prairie: A Natural Dye Workshop at Scattergood Friends School June 27, 28 10 AM to 4 PM West Branch, Iowa 52358 Join us for a two day immersion into natural dyeing u…