--Dan Cummins (Board President)
Good Things Happen in Threes!
. . . At least that has turned out to be true for The ArtiFactory. After the dog days of summer, we have three exciting bits of news to share:
  • Our gallery space has been updated with a new flow, additional lighting, and fresh paint.  These improvements provide a solid foundation for hosting exhibits and shows.
  • The inaugural event in our gallery opened last weekend and runs through the end of September. The Flag Project is a photographic study of New York City in the weeks following September 11, 2001. The exhibit is curated by Iowa City residents Sharon Beckman, who worked in midtown Manhattan as a creative director, and Ron Pile, a United Airlines pilot who was flying on 9/11. Their personal stories of the day, as well as poignant images, provide a unique window into the seminal event of the last two decades. The Flag Project will be on display through Sept. 26, Saturdays and Sundays, from 2-4 p.m.
  • Art in the Afternoon is back and in person!  Join InterDance for Let's Dance in the Alley at 1PM on September 19.  It’s sure to be a fun afternoon with performances, talks, and audience participation.  RSVP
Please Tell Us Your Views
The ArtiFactory Presents:

Art in the Afternoon: Let's Dance in the Alley

Sunday September 19 @ 1 pm
120 N. Dubuque St (The Wesley Center)
Outdoors. Free and Open to All. Bring a lawn chair. Please wear masks.

Farida will perform and teach Near Eastern Dance; one of her dances involves balancing lit candles on her head. Sarah Furnish with Infinity Dance will perform and teach Improvisation; Infinity is an all inclusive dance group including people with all abilities (and disabilities). Nora and Ace will perform social dance and teach Disco!!! Ace created Disco Intervention many years ago and he and Nora have been teaching it all over, including area schools. Using disco music from the 70's and in a very silly way, the audience learns a dance routine from the movie Saturday Night Fever but, most importantly everyone will have a lot of fun!

TANGO has been added to the program!
Paula and Dwight will perform Social Argentine Tango.

Follow On: www.interdanceiowa.org

Photo by Eloy Barragán

View The Flag Project before and after the InterDance performance from 12-1 pm. and 2-4 pm.

The Flag Project will be open from 12-1 PM on Sunday, Sept 19 before Let’s Dance in the Alley. You can arrange a private viewing weeknights by visiting The ArtifFactory website and a virtual preview.
Phil Dorothy Drawing Studio
Join us for Thursday night life drawing group in memory of Phil Dorothy. The next one is on September 16, 2021 at 6:30-8:30 pm. in the lower level of Wesley House at 120 N. Dubuque St., Iowa City, IA. Doors open at 6:00 pm. Those interested in attending need to register so the ArtiFactory can gauge interest in this event. We will be drawing from nude, scantily clothed or dressed models. Must be over 18 to attend.
Register for September 16
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--Beppie Weiss | beppie.net

Hello Art Friends,

It really is beginning to feel like fall. I’m canning tomatoes again this morning. It won’t be long, and I’ll have to play indoors in my studio instead of out in the garden. I might do a few little paintings of canned tomatoes. The Small Works Show is coming up in October and I need a few new little works for that. If you are interested in entering, check out Art Domestique’s web page. The entry deadline is October 15. Entry fee $25. Size limitation 12x12 inches. Show runs from 11/1 to 12/31.

Our own news for you is that some of us have been working hard to transform our cellar theater space into a bright and welcoming art studio and gallery. Thanks to everyone who helped with this, especially Bob Richardson who did about 90% of the work and all the carpentry and shopping.

On the local art scene, I want to encourage you to see our very own fabulous new art gallery and it’s opening show commemorating the horrific events of 9/11 twenty years ago. (see above)
Iowa Artisans Gallery feature artist this month is Mary Moye-Rowley. You can see her new work in pastel during business hours until 9/29.
The last note I have for you is a little bit about last weekend’s plein air event in Amana. We did what we could in pouring rain on Friday, painted all day Saturday and Sunday morning, turned in our work and enjoyed seeing the show and sharing dinner. Our board member, Bob Richardson took first honorable mention for his watercolor A Place Far Away, Almost!
Public Space One is hosting a new exhibition during September entitled Data Figures by Dana Potter, an Iowa-based artist and Professor of Interactive Digital Studies at the University of Northern Iowa. The exhibition runs through September 25th and features a series of screen-prints and augmented reality experiences about facial recognition technologies. The exhibition is designed so that the visitors may interact with these technologies in the gallery.

My last bit is one more interesting story about Johannas Vermeer. A New York Times article September 9 ran a story from the Dresden, Germany. With the latest X Ray scanning equipment they discovered that someone painted over a large part of “A Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window” long after the painting was made, 300 years ago. Under the paint was a large painting on the wall of Cupid, which shows up in other Vermeer paintings. They decided to remove the offending paint and now it is restored to its original glory. It will be on display with other paintings until next year at the Old Masters Picture Gallery in Dresden.
That’s all from me for now.
Enjoy days as they grow shorter and we move into fall and let me know of any art type events that we can share or help promote in our community by clicking here.

And for the “last laugh” here’s  our funny of the month! Thanks Jeff!
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--John McGlinn | artshowjourney.com
Andreas Gursky at the Hayward Gallery
Sensational, very large "photos" presented as realistic photography but with digital manipulation for formal and social comment. Interesting dialog helps us understand Gursky’s mode and goals. The Hayward Gallery is a very progressive London venue and at the same time with very good taste IMHO. From 2018.
11.5 minutes long.
Andreas Gursky link
Jan van Eyck's Self-portrait in 10 minutes or less | National Gallery London
One of my favorite paintings! Close examination by experts is such a treat. Also influential for my current paintings by highlighting contrast between his formal and accurate face and his exuberant and dynamic head-dress You’ll be surprised by how small this elegant painting really is.
8:35 minutes
van Eyck link
Birds of Paradise, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Cornell University
Gorgeous, unique to New Guinea and not art, but possibly inspiration for an aesthetic experience nevertheless. I know I am delighted by the colors and forms the birds exhibit normally and then take on in their mating rituals. This video is a must view.
5:37 minutes
Birds of Paradise
20 Must See Works at The Art Institute of Chicago
This very quick guided tour of the Art Institute of Chicago presents the narrator’s twenty must-see works of art including The Old Guitarist, Old Man with Gold Chain, Greyed Rainbow, Nighthawks, American Gothic, and many more! He’s not the most elegant talking head, but he does get done in 2:33 minutes. As a long time member, I would differ on at least ½ of his choices, but no one asked me to make a video of outstanding examples awaiting visitors to Chicago!
2:33 minutes short but you must be on your toes!
20 Must Works at Chicago Art Institute link
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9/11 on Film—September 2021

--Phil Beck
Instead of the regular feature this month, I’m devoting this space to a film about 9/11. It’s the twentieth anniversary of that terrible event, as I’m sure you’re all aware. ArtiFactory has commemorated it with the first exhibit in its new gallery, “The Flag Project: New York City after Sept.11,” which Dan tells about in his opening paragraph. In keeping with that theme, and in honor of the many people who lost their lives that day, I’ll add a couple of thoughts about its depiction on film.

Many motion pictures over the last twenty years have been made about the events of 9/11. Some are exploitative and sensational, some thoughtful and sincerely searching for answers. A spate of new documentaries is among the latter, released this year for the twentieth anniversary. I haven’t seen any of them yet, but there are some very promising titles among them. Here’s a link to a website I found which offers summaries to pique your interest.

Hollywood is notorious, of course, for sensationalizing and distorting the truth of everything it touches. I won’t dignify any of the offending 9/11 movies—and sadly, there are many--by mentioning their titles, but I do want to commend one of the brightest exceptions, World Trade Center (2006). It comes from an unlikely source, too, director Oliver Stone, who has been a controversy magnet his entire career, casually mixing fact and fiction in historical films like JFK and Nixon, with large doses of conspiracy theory thrown in. But he plays it straight in this harrowing true story about two Port Authority police officers who were trapped under debris when the towers collapsed on top of them, but managed to survive, despite injuries and attacks of despair, until rescuers freed them nearly 12 hours later. Starring Nicolas Cage as Sergeant John McLoughlin and Michael Pena as Officer Will Jimeno, the movie alternates between their efforts to keep body and spirit alive while waiting to be found and the heroic efforts of the rescuers above ground to reach them in time. The drama of their wives, who are fighting to learn their fate and to keep their own hopes alive, is depicted, too.

McLoughlin, Jimeo, and their wives Donna and Allison were involved in the production of the film, including the writing of the script, in order to ensure it was accurate and properly honored their rescuers and the fellow officers who died that day. McLoughlin and Jimeo have cameos near the end. New York Emergency Service police served as technical advisers, and firemen who were 9/11 veterans portrayed the firemen in the movie. Both the NYPD and FDNY supported the making of World Trade Center and endorsed the results. The film unquestionably milks its raw material for maximum drama, but overall succeeds in portraying real heroism without overblown emotion or political posturing. Still, because of his reputation, Stone received criticism for making the film and for certain elements in it. But by and large, it was well-received by critics and audiences both and endures as a solid testament to the bravery that was happening out of sight beneath the horror all those watching that day could see.

World Trade Center (2006)
Seen any of these films?  Tell us what you think of them, or suggest others not covered in the newsletter. Click here to contact Phil Beck with your movie comments or suggestions.
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Art in the Afternoon on YouTube

Recordings of the the recent Art in the Afternoon programs on Zoom are now available on the ArtiFactory YouTube channel.

Watch on YouTube

We have several needs for volunteers.

If you are interested in helping keep the arts alive in Johnson County. Please click here for more details.
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