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acrylic on paper & hardboard, linocuts
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John McGlinn, “Abstract art is invented. As such, it is always personal. Whether my work looks representational, or artificial, or non-objective, it is still about invented objects in invented arrangements in stacked space.
Derived from pre-Renaissance thinking “space-stacking” has been my main visual theme since my BA and MFA in painting and printmaking. I will bring samples of recent work since moving to Iowa City, as well as a few purchased items that have influenced me over the years. Come to discuss: why abstract art and what does it mean?”

BA in Art, MFA in painting and printmaking from University of Colorado, studied under four professors each with an MFA from University of Iowa. Since moving here in 2017, has exhibited at Grinnell Art Center, PS1 Press Co-op, group exhibition at the Figge Art Museum, and ten paintings at Univ. of Iowa Health Care, among others. Maintains a studio at TAAG Studios & Gallery in Iowa City.

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