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Happy New Year Dear Art Friends!
We at the ArtiFactory hope you all had a restful and happy winter break and are ready to kick off this new year with an energetic “Hoorah”.
(We are kind of ignoring the remainder of January.) Nothing much happens after New Year’s Eve anyway. This painting, “January” depicts a January cookie tin….
left over Christmas and early Valentine’s Day.

We have started plans for some new and interesting shows and classes starting in February, so look for details as they are posted.
The Hudson River Gallery will be exhibiting new works by Anita Jung. The show runs through February 25, and the opening reception is January 20, 6-8pm.
I know a lot of us don’t read the “Wall Street Journal”, and so missed this story, but we made it big time! On January 9 they ran a story by Judith Dobrzynski, “Stanley Museum of Art: More than “Mural”. It’s a very flattering article with great pictures of some of our favorite pieces.
We will also be resuming our foiling and drawing sessions, so sign up! It’s time to think “Spring” and create cards for Valentines, Easter, and Mothers Day.  We plan to begin a watercolor class in February as well.

Get your garden seed orders in! Spring is in the forecast! I read that someplace. Maybe the WSJ!
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Starting in February 1 the ArtiFactory has a private studio available February 1. Includes a sink and a window. Rent is $125/month.
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Call for Student Artists!

Artifactory at 120 N. Dubuque St., Iowa City invites current student artists to apply for an opportunity to present their end of the semester work at Art in the Afternoon and exhibit at the ArtiFactory. Art in the Afternoon is a monthly community art talk attended by artists, collectors, and the general public at the Artifactory on Sunday, May 21, at 1 pm. Three artists over 18 and taking art classes will be selected by the Artifactory Board to each give a twenty minute presentation of their work. Click on the link below to submit your application by March 1, 2023. Describe your project and what you plan to present, your artist statement, and three to five examples of your current work. Please include your contact information, phone, email and Instagram and/or website. Artists will be notified by email by March 8 and will be responsible for transporting their work to and from the ArtiFactory.
We look forward to seeing your creations!
Presenter Registration
The Foiling Studio Group
January 28 - 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
February 4 - 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
February 11 - 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Make Valentine cards different from any you’ve ever made before!  Surprise your friends and family with beautiful cards that shimmer luster. Join a hot stamped foiling workshop and let workshop leaders Deanne Wortman and Robert Richardson show you how to use this unique printmaking process utilizing hot stamped foil.   ,,,more
Life Drawing at the ArtiFactory
Body Parts
February 4 - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
February 18 - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Your leader in this effort is Beppie Weiss. She has drawn and painted hundreds, maybe thousands, of portraits and people drawings, and will help you improve your own drawing skills. Our class will work on drawing all the body parts from different positions. Our goal will be to understand how it all comes together, and be able to draw it with more accuracy. ...more
Join us for life drawing in the lower level of 120 N. Dubuque St., Iowa City, IA. Please register for each session. Sessions may be canceled if the minimum enrollments have not been received by 24 hours in advance. We will be drawing from nude, scantily clothed or dressed models. Must be over 18 to attend.

Attention: Regular oils using odorless terpenoid will now be permitted.
Long Pose Studio Group
February 12 - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
February 26 - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Phil Dorothy Drawing Studio
February 2 - 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
February 16 - 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
--John McGlinn |
Oil Painting Processes of the Masters (Part 3 of 3)

Video’s main subjects: James McNeill Whistler, John Singer Sargent, etc.

From the video's comments:
“I don't think I've ever seen any documentary on painting that was of higher quality than this series and I've seen a lot. Simply incredible Jill, thank you for making these incredible (in all regards) videos.”

“Amazing video. Captivating, informative, well-researched and a joy to watch. I really appreciate the fact that you talk a lot about the technique and the process, which is really interesting for other artists and is hardly ever discussed in mainstream videos and programs about art. I really admire the amount of work you put in it and the result is really impressive. Thank you, Jill! Please keep doing similar videos!”

From John McGlinn:
This is the third “Jill Poyerd Fine Art” historical perspective to the art of painting following the first provided in the July Newsletter and the second in October’s newsletter. Yes, it says “oil” but that is not a limitation. It is a personal view point of history, practical art instruction, science, and a wonderful survey of some of that period’s important works by Whistler and Sargent.

The image above is an etching by Whistler and has been one of my very favorites since I was 20!

33:29 minutes long. Watch what you can!
Oil Painting #3

Hiroshige: 100 Views of Edo

Hiroshige’s “Summer” from 100 Views of Edo (Tokyo)

Video's description:
A gallery of 17 of the best works from Utagawa Hiroshige's series 100 Views of Edo.

From John McGlinn:
Another of my favorites presented on a silver platter… video! I’ve had this collection in a large format book for many years and never it fails to marvel with the designs/compositions, the gradients, the selected detail and the aerial views.

6:09 long.
Utagawa Hiroshige link

Stuart Davis Overview (by Aurelio Salvador)

Sample of Davis’ work as a tapestry

Video's comments:
“One of my all-time favorites. Thanks.”
“Such identifiable style from the simplest shapes and lines developing into a language all his own.”

From John McGlinn:
Having visited the Stanley last weekend, I am reminded of the distinctive style that Stuart Davis evolved to, how modern it looks, the skills employed and the freshness of his later work still today. The one currently on display in the museum is a very fine example.

20:59 long.
Stuart Davis link

Richard Diebenkorn: Painting with Doubt - Presented by John Seed

One of his paintings in the video

Video's comment:
“Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation! Thank you for sharing this with us. I was an art student back in the '80s and then had a career in graphic design & advertising. During the lockdowns of the pandemic I rediscovered my love of abstract painting and have just been accepted into my first juried show at age 58! I have become slightly obsessed with the mid-century American masters, and RD is right up there for me with Frankenthaler and Twombly. Thank you so much for this deep dive!”

From John McGlinn:
Richard Diebenkorn is a giant in 20th century American painting. His early figurative work is skillful, personal and unique. I enjoy many of them as much as his late abstract series “Ocean Park”. This overview is valuable as an introduction, or review, or for specific visual solutions. A perfect modern painter for my taste!

43:52 long.
Richard Diebenkorn link

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