The ArtiFactory effort is the outgrowth of several previous efforts.  It is currently a project of Arts Iowa City, one of Iowa City’s oldest arts organizations.   Arts Iowa City has long sponsored exhibitions and supported artists in the Iowa City area, but has never had a permanent home.

It also incorporates another effort, previously called AHA!, which stands for A Home for the Arts!  This effort began in early 2012, with the goal of finding a permanent home for the arts in Iowa City.

In June 2013 these two efforts became one, when Arts Iowa City passed its non-profit status over to the AHA! group.   Around the same time, the effort adopted the name The ArtiFactory.  The current effort is a continuation of this effort.

Since that time, Arts Iowa City has reformed, with a new vibrant board, and it’s primary effort is to create The ArtiFactory, a permanent home for the arts in downtown Iowa City or the Riverfront Crossings district.