ArtiFactory Guest Artist Series

Join us as we launch a new monthly series:


As a step toward building a new Art Center, Arts Iowa City/ the ArtiFactory project is kicking off a monthly series of art events, sponsored by Beadology.  ART IN THE AFTERNOON  is a monthly artist talk/workshop held every 4th Sunday of the month.  This series will focus on introducing artists to the Iowa City community. Light refreshments are provided.



Jo Myers-Walker is an artist and teacher;  working with people of all ages.  She is always exploring new techniques and materials, finding the joy  of creating something is in the process of visualizing a project and figuring out how to actualize it.  Her classes and workshops take a gentle approach. They all involve real artistic technique, and also some element of the “inward journey.”  By telling their story through art, people often create beautiful things that they never thought they could.

Jo is looking forward to meeting Iowa City artists and will share briefly some of her work in different mediums.  Her current focus is watercolor and will demonstrate  watercolor techniques by painting ” people like birds” on a pop up card .  She will bring supplies for you to play along with her and see which one of your feathered friends show up on your card.


Jo Myers-Walker
Thank you Beadology, for hosting this FREE event,  featuring one of Iowa City’s newest artists. For more about Jo, click here.

2:00 PM on Sunday, February 28, 2016 at Beadology
220 East Washington Street, Iowa City