March Artist: Shumpei Yamaki, Ceramicist


Now in its second month, the Art in The Afternoon program moves permanently to the 3rd Sunday of the month, this month on March 20th, at 2:00 PM at Beadology.  The featured artist this month is Shumpei Yamaki, Ceramic Artist, Dancer, Teacher, Artist-in-Residence at Scattergood Friends School.  Shumpei will talk about process, show slides, show actual work, talk about his journey from doing hip-hop dance to becoming a ceramic artist rooted in Japanese aesthetics and techniques and how those things are connected. And he will entertain questions and discussion.  This event is FREE.

Shumpei shows locally at AKAR and in NYC at Sara Japanese Pottery. He was Featured in September 2015 Ceramics Monthly
He specializes in wood fired pottery, often using clay which he has dug himself.

Shumpei Yamaki was born and raised in Kamakura, Japan.  He moved to Philadelphia in 1996 to study dance.  Following an automobile accident in 1999 he enrolled in a ceramics class as physical therapy and discovered a passion for ceramics.  He concentrates on traditional Japanese techniques, wood-firing and methods of relying on local resources and conservation.  He is currently the resident artist at Scattergood Friends School and Farm.  He is building a wood-fired kiln for the school and has been experimenting with local clay in his personal endeavors as a wood-fire potter.