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Chris Burd

ceramics, cast bronze, printmaking; intaglio, drypoint, lithography, silkscreening
Presentation: November 17, 2019
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From the start Chris Burd felt a real connection with clay. He liked the tactile aspects of clay and how it can be shaped and molded and how the material changes properties with the addition of heat. During his time at Iowa, Chris became a proficient thrower and hand builder. His sculptures were large coil structures from hand rolled coils influenced by African art. Around 1996 he started working on metal sculpture with professor emeritus Julius Schmidt. Chris learned how to make sand molds and to cast iron. Then went to work at Max-Cast in Kalona with Steve Maxson and Doris Park. They taught him how to cast bronze (using a ceramic shell) and how to weld bronze. Later, Chris became interested in printmaking; intaglio, drypoint, lithography, silkscreening. He worked with Robert Glasgow, Keith Achepohl, and Jim Snitzer and enjoy working in many different mediums. Lately, he has been silk screening shirts for Tomas Lasansky. He is always look forward to the next creative endeavor!!

Categories: Art in the Afternoon