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Deanne Warnholtz Wortman

foil imaging & tiny books
Presentation: February 18, 2018 Presentation: September 20, 2020 Presentation: November 21, 2021
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Biographical Info

Hot stamped foil imaging – an artform originating at UI

Tiny Books

Deanne Wortman‘s interest in paper and printing and books goes back many years. She has explored both over the years and has gone from wall sized prints and drawings to miniatures. Deanne has shared her love of books, story, and text with children of ALL ages through storytelling, puppetry, drawings and now, Tiny Books.

Many of the books are wordless, speechless. Many of them are quite unconventional. Many speak in images, through materials, use a tactile, visual language, beautiful to look at, opening, unfurling, revealing, surprising. Will they ever have words? Who knows?

“I don’t, but I can sometimes hear a murmur when I open one.”

Watch the video.

Foil Imaging

Deanne Wortman became very interested, one might say addicted, to hot stamped foiling after my first workshop with Professor Virginia Myers. She became one of her studio assistants at 10 Acre Studios. Upon Professor Myers retirement Deanne began teaching her University of Iowa Foil Imaging classes.

These are just some of the pursuits that she works on in her basement, the home of electricjumpinghorse studio and the Black Bart Press.

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