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Emily Jalinsky

printmaking, mixed media, intaglio copper etching, watercolor, embroidery, & drawing
Presentation: May 19, 2019
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Addressing the state of mind in which art is made and how art affects a viewer’s mental state is one of Emily Jalinsky’s main objectives with her delicate works on paper, assemblages, and “printstallations”. She engages with mindfulness as a meditative act in the studio. In her work, she visually depicts mindfulness in the body and surrounding spaces through organic forms and repetitive patterns. Emily received a BFA in printmaking in 2012 with an emphasis in intaglio etching and expanded media from the University of Kansas. She is an active artist and arts organizer living in Iowa City, IA and is currently the IC Press Co-op Program Coordinator at Public Space One.

Emily uses methods of centering and repetitive action to further the idea of finding stillness in any moment. The borders between inner and outer landscape, material and immaterial become intertwined. Lichen, a symbiotic and slow-growing organism, is used as a symbol of resilience and continual growth, while patterns of gold and circular, radiating forms suggest a state change in perspective and awareness. Since the birth of her daughter, Emily has used her artwork, as her practice has always been, to bring a hyper-awareness to the swings of the mind and body.

In her practice, Emily works in both printmaking and mixed media processes with a specialty in intaglio copper etching, watercolor, embroidery, and drawing. Pieces may be bound or layered together to create larger compositions, assemblages, and installations.

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