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Let’s Dance in the Alley!

An afternoon of performances, talks and audience participation in the alley by the ArtiFactory at 120 N. Dubuque St. InterDance brought a few performances to the alley, “Disco Intervention,” audience participation, and a brief presentation about the dance scene in Iowa City.

Farida performed and taught Near Eastern Dance; one of her dances involved balancing lit candles on her head. Sarah Furnish with Infinity Dance performed and taught Improvisation; Infinity is an all inclusive dance group including people with all abilities (and disabilities). Nora and Ace performed social dance and taught Disco!!! Ace created Disco Intervention many years ago and he and Nora have been teaching it all over, including area schools. Using disco music from the 70’s and in a very silly way, the audience learned a dance routine from the movie Saturday Night Fever but, most importantly everyone had a lot of fun!

TANGO was added to the program!
Paula and Dwight performed Social Argentine Tango.

InterDance (Iowa-based nonprofit organization) has been producing the Iowa Dance Festival since 2007. But that is not the only thing. Also Dance in the Schools, Dance Mash-Ups, SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) events and multiple collaborations with SofA and KCCK.

“Here at InterDance, we are driven by a passion to promote dance, to develop community by creating events in public spaces, and to bring dance to schools”

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