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Jennifer Miller

sculptural ceramics, site-specific installations, & 2-D illustrations
Presentation: December 15, 2019
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Jennifer Miller’s work includes sculptural ceramics, site-specific installations, and 2-D illustrations. “Most of my projects are designed to engage viewers in an experience that encourages contemplation of their own relationship with nature, with beauty, with time, and with words. The sculptures I create are often designed to be placed outside in gardens. In contrast, my site-specific installations transform interior spaces into new environments and reflect my interest in collaborating with writers, naturalists, and environmental scientists. I hope that my artwork communicates my love for the natural world and my respect for writers and scientists who work to protect and restore natural habitats and ecosystems.” Jennifer is an artist, arts educator, and community-based arts advocate. She holds an MFA from the University of Iowa in Ceramics and an MA ESL from Hamline University.

Categories: Art in the Afternoon