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ART IN THE AFTERNOON is a monthly artist talk / workshop usually held on the 3rd Sunday of each month. This series focuses on introducing local artists to the Iowa City community. Support these local artists by following them on their websites and social media pages.

Laura Hopkins

Quilt Design
Presentation: March 19, 2023
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“I’ve finally come to the end of the tunnel. It has been a fascinating adventure but I don’t think I would do it again”. Over two decades ago, Laura Hopkins found herself in a very unique predicament. “I had to leave the world of engineering and become an artist.” Laura found herself immersed in a journey that allowed her, as an engineer, to define new territory in mathematics. “Over the years, it became clear that this was a journey my right brain would have to take the lead on; the left would just have to sit back and hope that eventually everything would work out”. In 2006, Laura established her textile arts studio called The Sable Sabot. “I needed a place to study design (architecture) and construction (engineering). I knew I was stuck somewhere between them.” Her groundbreaking work was achieved in a piece called Athena-Pallas; Her Father’s Daughter, a six year journey. “Creating that quilt was like pulling the cork off a bottle of champagne. There was a lot of pressure behind it.” Laura’s Journey through the Athena Series collection is an extraordinary example of creativity, initiative and a pioneering female spirit.

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