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Mara & Nora Cole

Graphic Design, Painting, Theater & Music
Presentation: November 20, 2022 Website: maracolestudio
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Biographical Info

Mara Cole holds a B.A. from Luther College and studied art history for a semester at Studio Arts College International in Florence, Italy. She moved to Iowa City in 1997 to be an artist and graphic designer and to start her business, Mara Cole Studio. She has designed logos and brand materials for many local organizations while continuing to paint and draw.  Her work has been exhibited in local galleries and shows.  Among her favorite activities is spending time and making art with her 14-year-old daughter, Nora.

Nora Cole is just beginning her freshman year at City High.  She is looking forward to being active in her new school’s excellent art, music, and theater programs. Nora has been taking private art lessons at the Harte School of Art since she was seven years old. During the pandemic, she opened an Etsy shop to sell her “Cursed Boos.”  She’s sold over 100 of her creations in the last two years and has garnered a following of over 73,000 followers on TikTok.

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