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ART IN THE AFTERNOON is a monthly artist talk / workshop usually held on the 3rd Sunday of each month. This series focuses on introducing local artists to the Iowa City community. Support these local artists by following them on their websites and social media pages.

Sara Slee Brown

layered digital imaging
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Sara Slee Brown, “Ten years ago, I retired as graphic designer for the public library and began to seriously pursue my dream of a career as an artist. As an undergraduate and graduate student in painting I had been trained in the traditional methods and my early work had been oil on canvas. After working as a digital graphic designer at the library, I developed methods for combining and layering digital images in my computer with the eye and sensitivity of an oil painter. I developed my own method for constructing my current work that I call, LāDi: Layered Digital Imaging.”

“My work explores choices and promises that we make in life. It is an exercise in exploring the known versus the unknown; patience, waiting; the fear and excitement of thresholds and transitions. The work begins with something familiar and real. This represents the known. Over, around and through this foundation I add other images or fragments of images that are not so easily identified. When combined with the familiar they create a new reality which may not be as easily understood but nevertheless exists: a new perspective. The comfort of the familiar combined with the confusion of the unfamiliar creates a tension and energy that is an expression of my experience in the world. My focus is the fear and excitement of life’s thresholds and transitions.”

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