It’s time to ramp it up

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December 2016

A year ago, we presented you with an opportunity to help build a multi-disciplinary art center in Iowa City. There was support for this concept, but it was widely suggested that we first emphasize programming.

As a result, Art in the Afternoon was born. In this monthly program, local artists give presentations about their craft and technique. Jo Myers taught us to paint watercolor birds, Mary Merkel-Hess gave us a glimpse into her paper works, and Megan Bishop immersed us in the world of the Oaknoll artists. We’ve learned about cartooning and metalworking, ceramics and more. Life Drawing sessions, generously hosted by Beadology, have been very popular. More dynamic events are booked at The Center through April 2017.

What’s Next?
It’s time to ramp it up. Community feedback indicates a desire for more hands-on activities, more variety in programming, and more options for children and youth. There is interest in expanding Life Drawing, as well.

How Do We Make It Happen? With funding, we will:

  • Hire an executive director to focus on programming and community engagement.
  • Obtain temporary space. Increase our class offerings.
  • Develop a volunteer network and expand collaboration with other arts groups.

That is why we ask for your support today. At this critical point in ArtiFactory’s growth, your generous donation will help us implement the things you’d like us to do. Please donate today.
Thanks very much for your help in moving forward.

Dan Sig

Dan Cummins, President, Arts Iowa City

P.S. If this dream resonates and you feel you may have something significant to offer in achieving it, please contact us directly at

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